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Sascha Schürmann

I am Sascha Schürmann. In over 20 years of photojournalism, I have learned to quickly capture unique moments in pictures, document events and happenings, and condense content in a modern visual language. In times of social media, content marketing, tight deadlines and complex structures, companies, advertising agencies and individuals also appreciate this work. What fascinates me about my work is the interaction with a wide variety of people and the view into their worlds. Even after years, photography and film offer me the perfect mix of creativity and technique. Additionally, as a lecturer for companies and schools, I impart my knowledge and experience around the topics of photography and videography.


Sessions with Sascha Schürmann

`{`DE`}` Professionelles Filmen mit Nikon Z Kameras, Employer Branding und Recruiting!

Sascha Schürmann erstellt Videos für Kunden vom StartUp bis DAX-Unternehmen.

Der große Vorteil ist die Vielseitigkeit der Kamera, mit schnellem Wechsel zwischen Foto und Video. Mit der Z9 hat er als one-man-band für fast jede Aufgabe eine passende Antwort.