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>Nikita Teryoshin

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Nikita Teryoshin

Born in Leningrad in 1986, Nikita Teryoshin grew up in St. Petersburg and from 2000 in Dortmund. There he also studied photography at the University of Applied Sciences. Nikita Teryoshin lives in Berlin. He describes his genres as a mixture of "street, documentary & everyday horror". Besides the relationship between mesnch and animal (Hornless Heritage, Backyard Diaries, Animal Escape Plan), he deals with topics such as global arms trade (Nothing Personal, 2016 - 2022), German federal party congresses (Game of Chairs, 2017 - 2019) and Russia's transformation into a fascist state ( I've never been to Russia, 2019). As a freelance photojournalist, he works for various German and international magazines and is a member of the street photography collective "Burn My Eye". His work has been exhibited and awarded several times, including the World Press Photo Award 2020.