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>Blacksally – Steffi Grass

About The Speaker

Blacksally – Steffi Grass

Steffi aka blacksally is a photo artist from Coburg, currently based in Würzburg, who specialises in dark fine art and conceptual "storytelling" portraits. Already familiar with photography since 2009, she now creates conceptual, artistic photography in the people field. Surrealistic portraits, including of herself, are now her preferred genre and a trademark of her work. Intense, detailed image composition and intricate editing marks her style in storytelling and helps her create a finished work of art from a photograph. "It's important to me that an image conveys a message, evokes memories and feelings, and that the viewer can interpret something into it themselves!"


Sessions with Blacksally

Cinematische Portraits – Special Effects bei der Aufnahme und in Photoshop

Friday, 02.09.2022, 12:00-18:30 Uhr
[Language: German]