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Great partners, powerful cooperation, exceptional programme

Outstanding photographic art, unique images, photo walks and exclusive workshops in the capital: Leica and WhiteWall present a joint programme with numerous highlights at the BERLIN PHOTO WEEK (2 to 4 September 2022). For example, the exhibition “Coexist” will present the latest works by photo artist Franziska Stünkel and the often award-winning campaign “The World Deserves Witnesses” will provide moving insights into contemporary history. In addition, the exhibition “Magnum Young Blood” shows works by the German-Russian photographer Nanna Heitmann and the Mexican photographer Yael Martinez. In addition, visitors can look forward to a public talk with Leica photographer Franziska Stünkel on the topic of “Coexist”, WhiteWall Ambassador Karsten Staiger on the topic of “New York Love Stories” and an exclusive photo finishing workshop.

From Friday, 2 September, to Sunday, 4 September, the BERLIN PHOTO WEEK will present visual fireworks and a full programme of conferences, lectures and discussions on the subject of photography, starting at 12.30 p.m. each day in the Arena Berlin. This is also the case with the partners of the BERLIN PHOTO WEEK WhiteWall and Leica, who are already cooperating together at the BPW for the second year.

left: Franziska Stünkel, Coexist, All The Stories 149, © Franziska Stünkel

right: Yael Martinez, from the series “La Casa que sangra”, ©Yael Martinez/Magnum Photos

The exhibition “Coexist”, presented jointly by Leica and WhiteWall, features the latest works by photo artist Franziska Stünkel. For her photographic series, the photographer has been travelling through Asia, Africa, Europe, America and Australia for twelve years in search of natural reflections on shop window glass, which in their condensation tell of the coexistence of human life. At this year’s BERLIN PHOTO WEEK, selected works that Franziska Stünkel photographed in 2021 and 2022 will be premiered. They echo current global themes such as man’s interaction with nature, pandemics and digital influences. Charged to the highest complexity, her photographs are the visualisation of the commonalities and contrasts that exist in our diversely networked world. The artist completely dispenses with digital post-processing of her photographs. The result is a multi-layered view of the highly topical global question of coexistence in our present. Franziska Stünkel photographs with the Leica M11. The exhibition was produced exclusively by WhiteWall.

Detailed information on tickets, workshops and the conference programme can also be found at berlinphotoweek.com.