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>exhibitions >DEAD END STREET at HVW8 Gallery Berlin 

DEAD END STREET at HVW8 Gallery Berlin 

HVW8 Gallery Berlin and Berlin Photo Week are pleased to present DEAD END STREET, a double pop-up photography exhibition featuring Nikita Teryoshin, Manuel Osterholt as well as a selection of various gallery archive photo works. 

With the double exhibition DEAD END STREET, HVW8 Gallery Berlin and Berlin Photo Week celebrates photography and its different presentation. 

1. With the work “I’ve never been to Russia”, which began in 2019 and shows Russia going astray, Teryoshin deals with his homeland, which is gradually slipping into fascism. Whether religious parades or Victory Day in the pouring rain with slogans like “We could repeat it!” on the red square, studios of propaganda tv shows or the notorious “Pavlov’s dog” under museum glass in St.Petersburg, which stands for classical conditioning, Teryoshin is always looking for suitable motifs that describe his feeling towards the zeitgeist. However, an always critical photo-documentary examination leads to a dead end on February 24th, 2022. 

Teryoshin posts a picture of a burning Russian passport under the caption “Not in my Name” and decides not to return to his homeland for the time being in protest against the war.

Nikita Teryoshin –

Born in Leningrad in 1986, Nikita Teryoshin grew up in St. Petersburg and Dortmund. There he also studied photography at the University of applied Science. He describes his genres as a mixture of “Street, Documentary & Everyday Horror”. As a freelance photographer he works for different German and international magazines. His work has been exhibited and awarded several times, including the World Press Photo Award. Nikita Teryoshin lives in Berlin.

2. „Chasing My Shadow Through Time & Space“ is an observations of the human condition and its poetry in todays metropolis. 

The pictures were taken across 5 continents, during the time from 2012 to 2019. In cities like Athens, Barcelona, Buenos Aires, Budapest, Durban, Gothenburg, Guangzhou, Malta, New York City, Johannesburg, Shenzhen and Venice. 

„There is a certain angst and unrest that you are finding in these images. Each photograph is filled with uncertainty and a distinct feeling of disturbance. These qualities are what bind the photographs together. And because these feelings are so universal and because they are witnessed and experienced throughout the world,…“ – Lensculture

Manuel Osterholt –

Born 1976 in Heidelberg, Manuel Osterholt lives and works in Berlin. His main focus is on glimpses of the absurd, within daily life, in the public space. The book „Chasing My Shadow Through Time & Space“ was self published in July 2022 and will be launched officially during the DEAD END STREET exhibition.


Opening: September 3rd, 18:00-21:00
Exhibition: During the Berlin Photo Week, September 3rd– 8th
HVW8 Gallery Berlin 
Linienstraße 161, 10115 Berlin
Opening hours: Tue-Sa 2-6pm