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Portfolio Reviews

The Portfolio Reviews are an integral part of the Berlin Photo Week, primarily aimed at students in the field of photography, young professionals and (semi-)professional photographers.

The professional view from outside and honest feedback are always an important building block for one’s own development, can open up new potential and give courage.

We are pleased that this year, together with the BFF Academy and the many professional photographers of the BFF as well as other professional photographers, we can again offer this important support through portfolio reviews.

Every day we have two time frames for individual portfolio reviews. Each portfolio review lasts about 20 minutes and is conducted by a randomly appointed professional. We charge 20€ for booking a portfolio review. With this fair price we want to make sure that booked time slots are really used and that a corresponding quality is guaranteed.

The schedule

There are quotas available for portfolio reviews from Friday September 2nd to Sunday September 4th. We have time slots each day between 1-3pm and 5-7pm. The portfolio review will be allocated during this time.

Please come to the Portfolio Review booth at the beginning of the respected time slot in order to get your exact time.

Important: The day ticket is not included in this case and would be a prerequisite for entry to the festival area if used. Please remember to book the matching day ticket directly.